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Actor, director and producer
Birth date: 17 November 1942
Place: New York

He is a descendant of Italian immigrants and he spent his childhood in Little Italy, modest neighborhood of Manhattan.

His parents: Charles and Catherine Scorcese

His wife: Helen Harris, they got married July 22, 1999

Former wives: Barbara, Julia Cameron, Loraine Brennan and Isabella Rossellini

1956 Martin Scorsese attended a seminar with the intention of becoming a priest, but he dropped out one year later.

1963 He attended the University of New York, and studied History of the Movies.

He graduated from New York University as a film major.

1976 He received the Palm of Gold in the Festival of Cannes for the movie Taxi Driver

1983 Scorsese directed the film The King of Comedy

1985 He directed After Hours

1986 Martin Scorsese directed Paul Newman in the film the Color of Money. He received an award at the Cannes Film Festival for the film After Hours.

1991 Martin Scorsese directed Robert de Niro in Cape Fear

2002 He was the President of the jury of short films in the 55 Cannes Film Festival.

2004 In a ceremony in Paris Martin Scorsese was awarded the Legion D’Honneur, France’s highest cultural honour. Cultural Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres declared that Scorsese’s films were a form of art


2012 Hugo by  Martin Scorsese
2011 Sinatra
2011 The Invention of Hugo Cabret
2011 Untitled George Harrison Documentary
2010  Shutter Island
2008 The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.
2008  Shine a Light (Documentary).
2007 The Key to Reserva
2006 Departed – Martin Scorsese
2005 The Aviator by Martin Scorsese
2004 Shark Tale – Bibo Bergeron
2002 Rain (Productor)
2001 Gangs of New York
2002 Dino
1999 Mio viaggio in Italia
2000 You can count on me) – Kenneth Lonergan (Productor)
1999 La muse – Albert Brooks
1999 Bringing out the Dead
1999 the Hi-lo country – Stephen Frears
1997 Kundun
1996 Grace of my heart – Allison Anders
1995 Casino
1995 Search and Destroy – David Salle

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