Monica Belucci


Monica Belucci

Birth date: 30, 1968

Place of Birth: Castello Italy

Her couple since 2001: Vincent Cassel

Monica Belucci and Vincent Cassel met each other while they were acting in the film L'appartament, directed by Gilles Mimouni.

Monica Bellucci worked as a model.

1990 She acted in  "Vitta with i figli" and "Le riffa".

1992 She started taking acting lessons and worked in "Ostinato Destinato",
directed by  Roman Coppola.

2002 Monica Bellucci interpreted the role of Cléopâtre in Astérix et obelix,
mission cleopatre of Alain Chabat, a film of great budget, approx.  45 million euro.

May Monica Bellucci was present at the 55th Festival of Cannes to represent the movie Irréversible

2003 June The Auction "Stars Photographs sale", supported this year by Sophie Marceau, will take place Monday June 16, 2003 , in Paris. It is organized by Reporters Without Borders.

2004 The italian actress Monica Bellucci, wife of the actor Vincent Cassel, gave birth Sunday 12  September in Rome to her daughter Deva.  "Everybody behaved well", declared Laurent Grégoire.

2004 Premiere of the film the Brothers Grimm, with Monica Belucci, directed by Terry Gilliam

2005 Monica Bellucci will have a wax figure made for her next April 25th. Monica Belucci, age 36, has even been chosen one of the most important women of the 21st century by a french institution. Monica has donated one of her personal dresses, a black  Dolce & Gabbana, in order to dress up her wax figure sculpted by Eric de Saint-Chaffray.