Mike Myers


Mike Myers

Actor and Producer.

Birth date: May 25, 1963 in Toronto

His wife: Robin Ruzan since May 22, 1993

His father: Eric, died of Alzheimer on November 22, 1991

His mother: Alice.

1988 Mike Myers started his career in Saturday Night Live and in the T.V. series Mullarkey and Myers.

1992 He acted in his first leading role in the big screen, on the film Wayne's World

1997 He became famous thanks to his participation in Austin Powers International man of Mystery, a parody of James Bond's films. He became an international star.

2002 Mike Myers acted in third second part of Austin Powers, the Goldmember.

2003 He participated in the film for children The Cat in The Hat, from the original book The Cat in the Hat.

2005 Mike Myers received the People's choice award, he dedicated it to his wife.