Michael Caine


Michael Caine
Actor and Producer

His real name: Maurice Micklewhite

Date of birth: March 14, 1933

Place of birth: St.  Olave' s Hospital, London

His father: Maurice Micklewhite (fisherman)

His mother: Ellen Maria Micklewhite (domestic employee)

Former wife: Patricia Haines

Children: Dominique (1956, with Patricia Haines) and Natasha (1973 with Shakira Baksh)

1949 Michael Caine abandoned school and started working in small jobs before he was sent to fight in the Korean War.

1956 Caine debuted in the movies with the film Command in Korea

1964 He became famous after his role in the film Zulu

1986 Michael Caine received an Oscar thanks to his performance in the film Hannah and her Sisters, directed by Woody Allen

1999 Michael Caine received his second Oscar thanks to his role in the film The Cider House Rules. Michael Caine owns a restaurant in Miami, and five in London.

2003 Michael Caine was nominated to the Academy Awards in the category of best actor.

2004 Michael Caine acted in the film The Weather Man, directed by Gore Verbinski, with Gemmenne de la Pena and Nicholas Hoult.