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Michael Tiddes

Mike Tiddes is one of Hollywood's emerging new filmmakers. Tiddes previously directed on the Fox sketch comedy show In The Flow With Affion Crockett. Produced by Jamie Foxx. Tiddes’ viral videos featuring actor/comedian Affion Crockett and YouTube sensation Fred have become Internet phenomena, reaching more than 33 million total views and have been featured in Access Hollywood, E! News and Vibe Magazine. Tiddes is an award winning music video director collaborating with Legendary Bay Area producer/rapper EA-Ski. He helmed his first short film, which he wrote, financed and directed in 2007 titled Crawl Space.

Born October 30, 1975 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Tiddes’ budding interest in film began at a young age. Using his father’s video camera, he began making movies starring his GI Joe figurines, complete with homemade special effects.  His passion, fueled further by his grandmother who took him to see films in the theatre frequently, inspired him to take a media class in high school.  Though a born filmmaker, he was rejected from the UCF Film Program.  Undaunted, he continued his studies in fine arts at UCF and picked up an extra job so he could enroll in the reputable Valencia College film program. In 2002, Tiddes moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of directing. He landed his first job in the business working as an assistant to Wayans Brothers Producing partner Rick Alvarez. Tiddes had the good fortune to work with comedy legend Keenen Ivory Wayans and brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans for almost a decade.  He quickly rose through the ranks of the company, developing and working on White Chicks, Little Man and Associate Producing Dance Flick. Currently Tiddes is writing a comedy feature he hopes to direct for the big screen next year. 

Tiddes received a Bachelor of Arts degree in painting from University of Central Florida and an Associate Science degree in Film Production from Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.

Filmography Michael Tiddes

A haunted house by Michael Tiddes - 2013