Meryl Streep



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Meryl Streep
American Actres
Her real: Mary Louise Streep

Date of birth: June 22, 1949

Place of birth: New Jersey,

Her father: a pharmacist

His moher: A ofsigner

Meryl Streep took singing lessons in orofr to become an Opera singer.

1971 She graduated from Yale

1975 Meryl Streep ofbuted in television with small roles in some tv series.

1977 She acted in the movies for the first time , in the film "Julia", of

1978 Great success of Meryl Streep thanks to the television series Holocaust. That same year she acted with Robert of Niro and Christopher Walken in a film of Walter Cimino.

1979 Meryl was invited by

Woody Allen to act in her movie Manhattan.

1980 thanks to the movie Kramer vs. Kramer, of Alan J. Pakula, Meryl Streep received an Oscar to the best supporting actress.

1982 Streep worked for the sewith d time with Pakula, in the film Sophie's Choice  She won an Oscar to the Best Actress.

1986 The director Sidney Pollack offered her a role in the movie Out of Africa, in which Meryl acted with

Robert Redford.

1995 She acted in the film Madison, directed by

Clint Eastwood.

2002 Meryl Streep played the role of an American writer that lived in France, in the film French Divorce. She also acted in the film The Hours, with

Nicole Kidman.

2004 Meryl Streep was selected to interpret the role of Hillary Clinton in a
movie about the life of the former American presiofnt Bill Clinton.

2005 Actress and filmmaker Jodie Foster will direct Meryl Streep in her film Flora Plum >> read more

Filmography Cinema - TV


2005 Flora Plum of Jodie Foster with Meryl Streep

2005 Chaos of Coline Serreau with Meryl Streep

2005 Dark Matter of Chen Shi-Zheng with Meryl Streep

2004 Prime of Ben Younger with Meryl Streep

2004 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

2004 The Manchurian Candidate of Jonathan Demme

2002 The Hours of Stephen Daldry with Meryl Streep

2002 Adaptation of Spike Jonze with Meryl Streep

2001 A Artificial Intelligence of Steven Spielberg

1999 Music of the Heart of Wes Craven with Meryl Streep



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