Mathieu Kassovitz Director Screenwriter Producer And Actor

Mathieu Kassovitz
French director, screenwriter, producer and actor

Mathieu Kassovitz is one of the leading filmmakers to emerge from France in recent years, and he has built his European success into an impressive career in the United States. His first English-language film, Gothika, was a supernatural thriller starring Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr. and Penelope Cruz. He followed this success with the science-fiction thriller Babylon A.D., which he wrote and directed.

Named by Newsweek one of seven people who will “shape the future,” Kassovitz received his greatest critical acclaim as the writer and director of the French drama Hate (La Haine). The film won the Best Director award at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival as well as César Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Editing.

After making three short films for Canal Plus, Kassovitz wrote, directed and starred in his first feature, the interracial romantic comedy Café Au Lait. He followed that film with Hate and the provocative Assassin(S), in which he starred opposite Michel Serrault. In 2000, he directed the dark thriller Crimson Rivers, starring Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel.
As an actor, Kassovitz is best known for his lead role opposite Audrey Tautou in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s international sensation Amélie. Among his many other leading roles, he starred alongside Eric Bana, Daniel Craig and Geoffrey Rush in Munich, Steven Spielberg’s drama based on real events.

Early in his acting career, Kassovitz won the Best Young Actor César for his performance in Jacques Audiard’s See How They Fall. He has also appeared in such films as Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element and Jez Butterworth’s Birthday Girl,opposite Nicole Kidman. Kassovitz also received a César nomination for his performance as a conflicted priest in Costa Gavras’ 2002 Holocaust drama Amen.

Filmography Mathieu Kassovitz

2012 MNP - Mathieu Kassovitz
2012 Deja Vu - Mathieu Kassovitz
2011 L'Ordre et la Morale - Mathieu Kassovitz
2010 La Bête - Mathieu Kassovitz
2008 Babylon. AD - Mathieu Kassovitz
2004 Gothika - Mathieu Kassovitz
2001 La Balle - Mathieu Kossovitz
2000 Les Rivières Pourpres - Mathieu Kossovitz
1998 Article premier - Mathieu Kossovitz
1996 Assassin-s - Mathieu Kossovitz 
1995 La Haine - Mathieu Kossovitz
1993 Metisse - Mathieu Kossovitz 
1992 Assassins - Mathieu Kossovitz 
1990 Fierrot le pou - Mathieu Kossovitz 


2012 Le Guetteur - Michele Placido
2012 Haywire - Steven Soderbergh  
2012 La Vie d'une autre - Sylvie Testud
2011 The Prodigies - Antoine Charreyron
2011 Apocalypse Hitler - Saison 1
2009 Apocalypse - La 2ème Guerre Mondiale - Saison 1
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2003 Birthday Girl - Jez Butterworth
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1998 JaKob le menteur -  Peter Kassovitz
1997 Le Plaisir et ses petits tracas - Nicolas Boukhrief
1997 Assassin.s - Mathieu Kossovitz 
1996 Le Cinquième élément - Luc Besson
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2000 Birthday Girl - Jez Butterworth
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1993 Metisse - Mathieu Kassovitz 
1993 Putain de porte - Jean-Claude Flamand
1992 Un Été sans histoires - Philippe Harel
1991 Touch and Die - Piernico Solinas
1991 Assassins - Mathieu Kassovitz
1990 Fierrot le pou - Mathieu Kassovitz
1991 L'Année prochaine... si tout va bien de Jean-Loup Hubert
1979 Au bout du bout du banc de Peter Kassovitz


2012 MNP - Mathieu Kassovitz
2012 Deja Vu - Mathieu Kassovitz
2012 Abby O'Sullivan
2011 L'Ordre et la Morale - Mathieu Kassovitz
2011 La Bête - Mathieu Kassovitz
2011 Zombieland de James L. Frachon
2008 Enfants de Don Quichotte - Ronan Dénécé, Augustin Legrand, Jean-Baptiste Legrand  
2008 Louise-Michel - Gustave Kervern
2008 Johnny Mad Dog - Jean-Stephane Sauvaire
2007 Les Deux mondes - Daniel Cohen
2006 Avida - Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern
2005 Nèg Maron - Jean-Claude Flamand Barny
2003 La Chepor - David Tessier
1997 Assassin-s - Mathieu Kassovitz