K Maro Artist Producer

K’maro, whose real name is Cyril Kamar was born in Beirut (Lebanon) on 31st of January 1980. Right from the start, he had to develop skills to be able to face the terrible reality of war in Lebanon. This gave him a strong personality coupled with incredible determination. At 11, he fled Lebanon to Paris before being reunited with his family in Montreal.

At 13,  he founded his 1st band ‘les messagers du son’ which quickly met success in Québec. The singles that became big hits in the airplay charts lead the band to record 2 albums. More than 100 live shows later the band earned many Canadian awards : “hip-hop track of the year 1999”, “best live show at the Montreal Francofolies 1998”…

K’maro then decided to launch a solo project. He was soon became known as a ‘live master’ in Montreal thanks to his stage presence and explosive flow. Through the combination of his music and his own personal style, he became “K’Maro the entertainer”.

He traveled a lot : Los Angeles, New-York, Miami, Paris taking advantage of these trips to gain inspiration and ideas. His passion for the music, and his reputation as a true “hit maker” lead him to create his own label K. Pone inc., dedicated to urban pop music.
In the meantime, being an all time big fashion fan, he decided to make his dream come true by creating a high class urban fashion brand named Balbec.

A charismatic personality, K’Maro, artist, producer, likes to write funky and accessible music playing around with his charming ganster style… Unpredictable and avant-gardist, at the age of 24, K’Maro is poised to conquer both France and Europe !