John Dugan Biography

John Dugan reprises his role of ‘Grandpa’ from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  He grew up in Brazil, Indiana, a small, rural town in the heart of the Midwest. After graduating from high school he was accepted to the prestigious Goodman School of Drama, at the Art Institute of Chicago. After Chainsaw, John spent several years doing theater in Chicago and Los Angeles. Being a “free” spirit John has always sought to live his life surrounding himself with creative people. In 1998, he met Bonnie, an artist and writer, from Louisville, Kentucky, where he now resides.
Most recently, Dugan returned to Texas to work with director Kim Henkel in his new film: The Boneboys.

In between his personal appearances and film making, John has continued to do voice-overs for independent documentary film and public service announcements.