John Cusack Actor And Producer

John Cusack
John Cusack was born on Tuesday, June 28, 1986 in Evanston Illinois (USA).

Filmography John Cusack

Carnaval by Joshua Michael Stern (2012)
The Butler by Lee Daniels (2013)
Grand Piano by Eugenio Mira (2012)
The Frozen Ground by Scott Walker (2012)
No somos animales by Alejandro Agresti (2012)
The Numbers Station by Kasper Barfoed (2012)
Adult World by Scott Coffey (2012) 
The Raven by James McTeigue (2012) 
The Factory by Morgan O'Neill (2011)
Hot Tub Time Machine by Steve Pink (2010)
Shanghai by Mikael Håfström (2011)
2012 by Roland Emmerich (2009)
Igor by Anthony Leondis (2008)
War, Inc. (2008
Grace Is Gone by James C. Strouse (2008)
Martian Child by Menno Meyjes (2008)
1408 by Mikael Håfström (2007)
The Contract by Bruce Beresford (2006)
Summerhood by Jacob Medjuck (2006)
Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film by Tom Thurman (2006)
The Ice Harvest by Harold Ramis (2005)
Must Love Dogs by Gary David Goldberg (2005)
Runaway Jury by Gary Fleder (2003)
Breakfast With Hunter by Wayne Ewing (2003)
Identity by James Mangold (2003)
Adaptation by Spike Jonze (2002)
Max by Menno Meyjes (2002)
Serendipity by Peter Chelsom (2001)
America's Sweethearts by Joe Roth (2001)
High Fidelity by Stephen Frears (2000)
The Jack Bull bby John Badham (1999)
Being John Malkovich by Spike Jonze (1999)
Cradle Will Rock by Tim Robbins (1999)
Pushing Tin by Mike Newell (1999)
The Thin Red Line by Terrence Malick (1998)
This Is My Father by Paul Quinn (1998)
Hellcab by Mary Cybulski (1998)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by Clint Eastwood (1997)
Anastasia by Don Bluth (1997)
Con Air by Simon West (1997)
Grosse Pointe Blank by George Armitage (1997)
City Hall by Harold Becker (1996)
The Road to Wellville by Alan Parker (1994)
Bullets Over Broadway by Woody Allen (1994)
Floundering bby Peter McCarthy (1994)
Money for Nothing by Ramón Menéndez (1993)
Map of the Human Heart by Vincent Ward (1993)
Roadside Prophets by Abbe Wool (1992)
Bob Roberts by Tim Robbins (1992)
The Player by Robert Altman (1992)
Shadows and Fog by Woody Allen (1992)
True Colors by Herbert Ross (1991)
The Grifters by Stephen Frears (1990)
Fat Man and Little Boy by Roland Joffé (1989)
Say Anything by Cameron Crowe (1989)
Elvis Stories by Ben Stiller (1989)
Tapeheads by Bill Fishman (1988)
Eight Men Out by John Sayles (1988)
Hot Pursuit by Steven Lisberger (1987)
One Crazy Summer by Savage Steve Holland (1986)
Stand by Me by Rob Reiner (1986)
Better Off Dead by Savage Steve Holland (1985)
The Journey of Natty Gann by Jeremy Kagan (1985)
The Sure Thing by Rob Reiner (1985)
Grandview, U.S.A. by Randal Kleiser (1984)
Sixteen Candles by John Hughes (1984)
Class by Lewis John Carlino (1983)