Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez

Birth date: July 24, 1970

In: The Bronx (New York)

Puerto Rican origin.  

Her father, David, was a computer technician.  

Her mother: Guadalupe.  

Sisters: Leslie and Lynda

Former husbands: Ojani Noa (97/98) and Cris Judd (2001/2002).    

She took singing and dancing lessons in catholic schools.  

When she was 18, she left the family house and begans to work in a legal office and as a dancer at nights.  Some years later, she appeared in some videos of Janet Jackson.  

1997 Jennifer Lopez first great success was her lead role in the film "SELENA", she was nominated to the Golden Globe

1998 Jennifer Lopez obtained her first international triumph with the movie of Steven Soderbergh, in which she acted with George Clooney, "out of sight"  

2002, Jennifer Lopez obtained the title of "Best Female Star of the Year" and that of "Entertainer of the Year", offered by the National Counsel of The Race in the American latin american Average Arts Awards (SOUL).  

2003 Jennifer Lopez initiated a new career as a producer of talk-shows in television, as announced the Universal producing house Domestic Television with which Jennifer has just signed a contract. This program will be carried out by the association "Nuyorican". it will speak of the pop culture, science, fashion and fame.

June. surprisingly, short after breaking up with Ben Affleck, Jennifer L√≥pez got married in her house of Beverly Hills in a secret ceremony with the singer Marc Anthony, also of puerto rican origin, who had recently divorced too.  

2004 Jennifer lopez interpreted the role of "Gertrude Steiney" in  Jersey Girl, directed by Kevin Smith with Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Jason Biggs