Jean Claude Van Damme


Jean-Claude Camille Fran├žois Van Varenburg

Belgian actor, director and producer.  

He was born October 18, 1960

Place: Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Belgium

Old medium Weight Karate champion.  

Wife: Gladys Portugues, married in June of 1999.  

Former wife: Darcy LaPier (Actress), Cynthia Derderian and Maria Rodriguez

Children: Kristopher, Bianca and Nicolas

He became a European Karate Champion in 1979 and went to USA to win the World Championship.

Jean-Claude Van Damme debuted with a small role in "Rue Barbare", of Gilles Berhat, later the producerMenahem Golan offered him an important role in "Karate Tiger" directed by Corey Yuen.  

Jean-Claude Van Damme did several films related to martial arts and became a world star.

1989, he was sued for "wilfully" gouging the eye of an extra in a swordfight while filming Cyborg

1998 Jean-Claude Van Damme declared to be a drug addict  

2000 Van Damme was arrested while he was driving drunk and was sentenced to a 90 day anti-drunk-driving class, $1,2000 fine, 3 years probation and a 90 day revocation of his license.

2005 Van Damme, who is currently in Bucharest looking at locations for his next film, said that he has a strenuous three hour fitness regime every day.