Janet Leigh


True name: Jeanette Helen Morrison

Janet Leigh

American actress

She was born July 6, 1927

Place: Mercy, California, US

Only daughter of a Californian couple, her father was insurance agent.  

She died October 3, 2004

Children: Jamie Lee Curtis and Kelly Curtis (actresses)

Marriages: Tony Curtis (actor) of 1951/ 1962, Robert Brandt (director) of 1962 / 2004, Stanley Reames (director of orquestra) 1945 /1948, John Carlyle 1948

1946 Retired MGM actress Norma Shearer saw a picture of Janet on the front desk and asked if she could borrow it. This led to a screen test at MGM and a starring role in The Romance of Rosy Ridge

1958 Janet Leigh interpreted an addict "Susan Vargas " in Touch of Evil of Orson Welles with Charlton Heston and Marlène Dietrich

1960 Janet Leigh interpreted the role of her life in Psychosis, the young woman who was murdered by Norman Bats, in the film of Alfred Hitchcock, she received a Golden Globe as was nominated to an Academy Award.

1962 She acted with Frank Sinatra in the film The Manchurian Candidate

2004 She was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California on May 14, 2004

2004 Janet Leigh passed away October 3 at age 77, in her house of Beverly Hills, United States