Jackie Chan


Actor and Director.

Real name: Chen Gangsheng,  Jackie  Chan, better known as Cheng  Long

Birth date: April 7, 1954.

Place: Hong Kong

His Wife: Actress  Feng-Jiao Lin since 1983

1961 He attended the Opera School in Pekin (which was actually a drama academy) , where he learned Martial Arts. He acted in his first film as a stunt age 8, and by 1964 he had already acted in 25 films.

With some of his friends from school, Biao Yuen and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Jackie Chan starred in several films.

1979 Jackie Chan directed hiw own movies.

1990 The minister Jack Lang gave Jackie Chan the medal of Arts and Litterature.

2005 After donating 64,000 dollars to UNICEF for the tsunami victims, action star Jackie Chan is all set to record a song to collect more funds for the relief process. Chan will record the Cantonese version of "We Are the World" along with "House of Flying Daggers" actor Andy Lau and 70 other Hong Kong stars.The proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated for the tsunami victims