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Her real name: Angela Duncan
She was born in: 1878
Place: San Francisco, USES
Died in: 1927
Place: Niza, France
Her father: Joseph Duncan
Her mother: Mary Gray

Isadora Duncan grew up with her mother.  Her parents were divorced because her father had been arrested for participating in a bank robbery.

Young Isadora loved the dance, and took classes of ballet.

In her teenage years, Isadora traveled to Chicago and New York with some of her family members, working and performing in various productions such as Mme. PygmalionMidsummer’s Night Dreamor vaudeville shows with limited success

1899 Isadora moved to London where she began to dance professionally, was a great success in Europe.  She founded several schools of dance.

Isadora had two children, Deidre and Patrick, with two of her lovers, Gordon Craig and Paris Singer. Tragically the two children drowned with their governess in the Seine river in 1913.

1913 Her two children drowned when their car fell in the seine River. Isadora was debastated and quitted dancing for a long while.

1922 Isadora married Sergey Yesenin, a Russian poet.

1925 After Isadora abandoned him, Sergey Yesesin killed himself.

1927 Isadora Duncan died tragically in a car accident along the French Riviera. Her neckerchief entangled itself in the rim of the car, and Isadora was strangled in the act. (Isadora is buried at the Père Lachaise Cemetery)

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