Isabelle Huppert


Isabelle Anne Huppert

She was born March 16, 1955

Place: Paris

Three children: Lolita, Lorenzo and Angelo.  

Her father dad: Director of a cash balance company.  

Her mother: English teacher.  

Three sisters: Élisabeth Huppert Actress of the years 70 and 80, born June 20, 1948 , Caroline Huppert director of television, born October 28, 1950 .  Jacqueline Huppert.  Her brother is a writer.  At the age of 17, she entered the Conservatory of Versailles, and after studying Russian, she was admitted to the Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Paris, and she acted in Faustine et Le bel été of Nina.

1972 She obtained a role in Cesar et Rosalie of Claude Sautet, acting with of Romy Schneider and Yves Montand

1974 Isabelle interpreted the role of " Jacqueline " in Les Valseuses of Bertrand Blier, it was a great succes.

1978 Isabelle Huppert acts for the director Claude Chabrole in "Violette Noziere ", for which she became famous and became Claude Chabrole's favourite actress.

1991 She got the leadint role in " Madame Bovary" of Claude Chabrol, she received the Best Actress Cesar Award.

2001 She received another award in the Festival of Cannes, for her role in the movie The Pianist of Michael Haneke

2002 She played the role of " Augustine " in huit femmes of François Ozon, with Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Béar, Fanny Ardant etc.  

2005 Premiere of  Huckabees, a film where Isabelle Huppert plays the role of an existencial detective from France.