Henry Fonda


Henry Fonda

American Actor

Date of birth: 16 May 1905

Place of birth: Nebraska, USA

Date of death: 12 August 1982

Place of birth: California, USA

His wife: Frances Seymour Fonda

Children: Peter Fonda, Amy Fonda and Jane Fonda

Grand children: Bridget Fonda, Justin Fonda, Troy Garity and Vanessa Vadim

Before acting in Broadway, Henry Fonda started acting the Omaha Community Playhouse theater troupe directed by Dorothy Brando, mother of actor Marlon Brando.

1926 Henry Fonda moved to Broadway and acted in plays like New Faces of America" and "The Farmer Takes a Wife".

1935 He acted in the filmic version of The Farmer Takes a Wife

1936 He got married to Frances Seymour Fonda (Brokaw)

1939 Henry Fonda played the role of Abraham Lincoln in the film “Young Mr. Lincoln”

1948 Henry Fonda received a Tony Award as Best Dramatic Actor for “Mister Roberts”

1965 On december 3rd, he got married to Shirley Fonda

1975 Henry Fonda was nominated for a Tony Award as Best Dramatic actor for the film Clarence Darrow.

1979 He won a special Tony in 1979

1982 Fonda received an Academy Award for Best Actor thanks to his role in On Golden Pond, he was 76 at the time

1982 Short after receiving an Academy Award,  Fonda died from a heart disease in Los Angeles, California.

2005 Henry Fonda was pictured on a 37¢ USA commemorative postage stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series, issued in his honor.