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Hennely Jimenez

Hennely Jimenez is Venezuelan and the oldest of 4 sisters. Throughout her childhood she was raised in different countries all over the world, including Algeria, Indonesia, and Brazil. Hennely always had a passion for being in front of the world and she began her career in entertainment as a dancer, becoming a Miami Heat Dancer, a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, and dancing for artists such as Ashanti and Jessica Simpson. In 2010 Hennely made her to LA to pursue acting. Since then she played the role of Kelly in the feature film "200 MPH" and have been the lead in a web series pilot.

Filmography Hennely Jimenez

The Scam by Perdell Richardson - 2012
Assumption (short)2011 Death Valley (TV series) - 2011
Supah Ninjas (TV series) - 2011
200 M.P.H. (video) - 2011
Eye of the Storm (short) - 2011