Helen Hunt


Helen Elizabeth Hunt

Born: June 15, 1963

Place: los Angeles

Her father Gordon Hunt was a producer, director and dramatic art professor. It was with him that Helen began taking acting lessons when she was 8 years old.

1997 Hellen Hunt debuted in the movies with a role in the film The Rollercoaster directed by James Goldstone, but the fame arrived when she received an Academy Award of the best actress, for the film As good as it gets, of James L. Brook in 2001.

2002 Helen has won Four Emmys, four Golden Globes, a Blockbuster Award, two Screen Actors Guild awards, four American Comedy Awards, three Viewers for Quality Television Awards, and an Oscar, along with other awards.

2004 Helen Hunt's daughter, McKenna Lei Gordon Carnahan born 13 May 2004, with boyfriend Matthew Carnahan.