Gael Garcia Bernal Biography And Filmography Of The Actor

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Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael García Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal
Mexican Actor
born: October 30, 1978, place: Guadalajara, México.
Languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Gael became an actor because, his parents Jose Angel Garcia, and Patricia Bernal, are both actors in Mexico.

So that the family could travel together, Gael’s parents decided to put him in their theatrical productions.

1990, On T.V., Gael acted on the Mexican soap opera,  “El Abuelo y Yo” and with Salma Hayek in “Teresa”.

1995 Gael,  attended the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

1997 Back to Mexico, Gael studied philosophy. He acted in the film “Amores Perros”, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. This movie was nominated to an Academy Award (Foreign movie).

Alfonso Cuarón,  offered him the lead role in the movie “Y tu mama también” with his childhood friend Diego Luna.

Gael has acted with Fanny Ardan, Victoria Abril and Penélope Cruz in the film “Sin noticias of Dios”, written and directed by Agustin Diaz Yañez and produced by Edmundo Gil, Eduardo Campos and Gerardo Blacksmith.

He also acted in El Crimeln del Padre Amaro, of the youth and talented Mexican director Luis Carlos Carrera.

2003 February 10 Gael Garcia Bernal will open the American latin american Film Festival of new York, LaCinemafe, with the film of Fito Paez that stars together with Cecilia Roth, “Private Lives”.

May. Gael Garcia will begin to film in Madrid the movie “The bad education”, the new production of Pedro Almodovar, in which Gael has the leading role, acting with the Mexican actor Daniel Giménez winner of the Ariel Award in November 2003.

Noviembre: The movie “Dot the i” starred by Gael Garcia Bernal will be premiered in Spain. This it is the first movie directed by Matthew Parkhill, and it’s based on the French tradition that says that the women should kiss a stranger the day of before she gets married.

2004 May. Gael Garcia Bernal will travel again to Cannes, as part of the cast of “La Mala Educación”, a film of Pedro Almodovar, that will participate in the opening ceremony of the Festival this year.

Gael also acts in Motorcycle Diaries, interpreting the role of the Che Guevara, a film of the Brazilian director Walter Salles.

2004 Gael Garcia,  attended the Film Festival of New York, as a special guest to the homage that was done in honor of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar.

2014. Ardor by Pablo Fendrik
2014. Forsaken by Jonás Cuarón
2014. Zorro Reborn by Ricardo de Montreuil
2013. Rosewater by Jon Stewart
2013. Terra by Walter Salles
2013. Evita by Pablo Aguero
2013. No by Pablo Larraín
2013. Silence by Martin Scorsese
2012. Hands of Stone by Jonathan Jakubowicz
2012. No by Pablo Larraín
2012. Casa de mi Padre by Matt Piedmont
2011. The Loneliest Planet by Julia Loktev
2011. Regret Not Speaking by Richard Kwietniowski
2011. A Little Bit of Heaven by Nicole Kassell
2011. José e Pilar by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes
2010. Gardel by Armand Mastroianni
2010. También la lluvia by Icíar Bollaín
2010. Letters to Juliet by Gary Winick
2009. The Limits of Control by Jim Jarmusch
2009. Las armas del alba by Amir Galván Cervera
2009. Cefalópodo by Rubén Imáz
2009. Mammoth by Lukas Moodysoon
2009. Pedro Páramo – Mateo Gil
2009. The Limits of Control –
2008. Rudo y Cursi by  Carlos Cuarón
2008. Blindness – Fernando Meirelles
2007. El Pasado – Hector Babenco
2007. Déficit – Gael Garcia Bernal, Fernanda Castillo,
2006. Babel  by Alejandro González Iñárritu
2006. La Science des rêves (The Science of Sleep)  by Michel Gondry
2005. The King – James Marsh
2004. La Mala educación by Pedro Almodóvar
2004. The Motorcycle Diaries- Walter Salles
2004. Dreaming of Julia – Juan Gerard
2004. Dot the Ide Matthew Parkhill
2003. El Crimen del padre Amaro- Carlos Carrera
2002. The Dot the I- Matthew Parkhill
2002. Lily and the Secret Planting de Hettie MacDonald
2002. 5 hombres para Lucy I’m with Lucy de Jon Sherman
2001. Dreaming of Julia – Juan Gerard
2001. The Last Post – Dominic Santana
2001. Bendito infierno – Agustín Díaz Yanes
2001. Vidas privadas – Fito Páez
2001. El Ojo en la nuca – de Rodrigo Plá
2001. Y tu mamá también (Y tu mamá también) by Carlos Cuarón
2000. Cerebro- Andrés León Becker
2000. Amores perros by  Alejandro González Iñárritu

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