Biography Of Mexican Writer Guadalupe Loaeza


Guadalupe Loaeza

Mexican Writer and Journalist

Born: Mexico City, 1946

Full name: María Guadalupe Loaeza Tovar

1982 Guadalupe Loaeza published her first journalistic article in the Mexican newspaper One More One.  Has also written for The Day, The Financier, Reform, The North, Sight, Paula and Kena. 

1988 Publication of her book “Las niñas Bien”, that had a great success and brought her to light in Mexico as a great author of talent. 

1989 Following the success of  “Las Niñas Bien”, Guadalupe published a work of similar plot, called  “Las Reinas de Polanco” 

1991 To satisfy her love to politics, Guadalupe Loaeza published her book “Los Grillos y Otras Grillas”. 

1992 Publication of her book “Compro, Luego Existo”. 

1993 Alejandro Pelayo carried out a film based on her story Miroslava. 

1994 She published her book “Las Obsesiones de Sofía”.  Sofía is  the “alter ego” of the author, to whom she describes as “childish body, manlike face, wings of angel and dark coloured skin ...”

1996 Publication of her book “Sin Cuenta”. 

1997 and 1998 These years marked the feminine shade in the writings of Guadalupe Loaeza, as she showed her admiration to women, with the publication of two works: “Mujeres Maravillosas” and “Ellas y Nosotras”.  She also published “Primero las Damas”

1999 Along with Carlos Martínez, Loaeza wrote “El Angel de nuestras Nostalgias”

2001 She became the director of the program Detrás del Espejo, of Radio Red

2001 She had a cultural section in the TV show “Hoy”, of Televisa. 

2001 January 30th, she participated in the activity called “Venga a tomar un café con...”  (Come and have some coffee with.. )

2001 She carried out a number of conferences at the XXVII Feria Internacional del Libro at Buenos Aires. 

2003 She participated in the Literary Coffee organized as part of the festivities of the Women’s International Day at the Senate of the Republic and spoke about the social privileges of women, reiterating her admiration to Mexican women. 

2003 Guadalupe Loaeza was distinguished by French Government with the medal of the “Legion d’Honeur”

2003 On November, she presented her first novel: “Las Yeguas Finas”. 

2003 On December, Guadalupe Loaeza received a medal given to her by the ambassador of France Philippe Faure

2004, August Guadalupe Loaeza and her husband,  doctor Enrique Goldbard, offered a dinner at their home in honor of Philippe Faure, ambassador of France, and his wife. Other guests were Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, former ambassador of Mexico before the UN, Hector Vasconcelos, former ambassador of Mexico in Denmark, Sergio Aguayo and other important personalities.

2004 She participated in the presentation of The Great tourist guide of Mexico The presenters were Ernesto Betancourt, Guadalupe Loaeza,  Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Julieta Campos and Gerardo Mendiola.  Guadalupe Loaeza said that thanks to this guide the capital city residents will fall in love again with their city.

2005 March, she travelled to San Luis Potosí to give a conference before young students of the region, where she spoke about National Identity.

2005 She presented her book “Siempre Estará Paris”

2005 September.  The author Guadalupe Loaeza and Stephanie Kurian, Gonzalo Cart, Daniel Carbajal and Martha Merodio presented a book about the mexican Earthquake of 1985, which includes testimonies of survivors, rescue workers and columnists such as Elena Poniatowska, Carlos Monsiváis and Humberto Musacchio. 

2005, November.  The author Guadalupe Loaeza will present her book “Mi Amiga la Tristeza”, a biography of Augustin Lara