Movie Broken City By Allen Hughes

Original Title: Broken City
Genre :
Release Date : January 18, 2013
Runtime : 109
Nationality : United States
Filming Locations:
Director: Allen Hughes
Screenwriter: Brian Tucker
Composer: Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross, Claudia Sarne
Producer/s: Remington Chase, Randall Emmett, George Furla, Allen Hughes, Stephen Levinson, Arnon Milchan, Teddy Schwarzman, Mark Wahlberg
Director of Photography: Ben Seresin
Editor : Cindy Mollo
Costume Designer:
Distribution: 20th Century Fox
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An ex-cop-turned-private detective is hired by the mayor to see if his wife is cheating on him. When the mayor's wife's cheating partner ends up dead, the private eye immerses himself in the mayor's business and uncovers a real estate scandal that involves dealing himself choice city-owned properties.


Catherine Zeta-Jones ..... Cathleen Hostetler
Russell Crowe ..... Mayor Hostetler
Mark Wahlberg .....Billy Taggart
Jeffrey Wright ..... Carl Fairbanks
Barry Pepper ..... Jack Valliant
Alona Tal ..... Katy Bradshaw
Natalie Martinez ..... Natalie Barrow
Michael Beach ..... Tony Jansen
Kyle Chandler ..... Paul Andrews
James Ransone ..... Todd Lancaster
Griffin Dunne ..... Sam Lancaster
Britney Theriot ..... Valerie
Luis Tolentino ..... Mikey Tavarez
Tony Bentley ..... Juez
Andrea Frankle ..... Prosecutor