Movie Cosmopolis By David Cronenberg

Original Title: Cosmopolis
Genre : Drama
Release Date :
Runtime : 108 mn
Nationality : Country:France, Canada, Portugal
Director: David Cronenberg, Based on a novel by Don DeLillo
Screenwriter: David Cronenberg
Composer: Howard Shore
Producer/s: Paulo Branco, Martin Katz
Production: Alfama Films
Director of Photography:
Editor : Ronald Sanders
Costume Designer: Denise Cronenberg
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Festival: Official Selection - Competition at Cannes Festival 2012


New York is in turmoil, the age of capitalism is drawing to a close end. Eric Packer, a high finance golden boy, dives into a white limousine. While a visit from the President of the United States paralyses Manhattan, Eric Packer has one obsession: getting a haircut at his barber’s at the other end of the city. As the day goes by, chaos sets in, and he watches helplessly as his empire collapses. Also he is sure that someone is going to assassinate him. When? Where? He is about to live the most decisive 24 hours of his life.

What immediately strikes one when watching COSMOPOLIS is that David Cronenberg has once again taken up the challenge of making the film of the impossible-to-adapt book, and in doing so expands and enhances a unique body of work haunted by themes that were considered obsessive or marginal when he started out but «recount» the world like no other directors’ movies. After the feats that are his NAKED FEAST, inspired by William S. Burroughs, and CRASH, based on J.G. Ballard, here is Cronenberg’s vision of Don DeLillo’s novel, «Cosmopolis» — its «externalization» in some way. DeLillo said of this prophetic and hellish take on where the world is headed that he has concentrated on a literary sphere all the voices heralding the catastrophe that was to come and is now upon us. Cronenberg echoes this approach by creating a cinematic space that combines genres and literally bowls the audience over. You come out groggy, unsure where you are. What you can be sure of is that Cronenberg has always been a visionary. Yes, the man has always had within him «parasite murders» that gradually transform him into a mutant irredeemably gnawing at society. Wall Street’s golden boys are the latest result of this mutation, and they will finish off the disease-ridden body of the «Cosmopolis». — François Guerif, Director of the Rivages Noir collection.


Robert Pattinson ..... Eric Packer
Sarah Gadon ..... Elise Shifrin
Paul Giamatti ..... Benno Levin
Juliette Binoche ..... Didi Fancher
Mathieu Amalric ..... Andre Petrescu
Samantha Morton ..... Vija Kinsky
Jay Baruchel ..... Shiner
Kevin Durand ..... Torval
Emily Hampshire ..... Jane Melman
Patricia McKenzie ..... Kendra Hays
Anna Hardwick ..... Jenn the Photographer
George Touliatos ..... Anthony
Philip Nozuka ..... Michael Chin
Saad Siddiqui ..... Photographer 2