Movie Monsieur Papa


Monsieur Papa - Kad Merad


Original Title: Monsieur papa
Director: Kad Merad
Screenwriter: Anne Valton, Luc Chaumar,
Producer/s: Richard Grandpierre, Judith Aubry
Production: Eskwad, Path
Film Editing by: Christophe Pinel
Distribution: Pathé
Nationality : United States
Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 1 June 2011, France
Runtime :
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Marius Vallois is twelve and needs a father.

Marie Vallois has a twelve-year-old son, huge professional responsibilities, a demanding lover, a job vacancy to fill, a beloved sister, a complicated cousin but no father for Marius.

Robert Pique has a steam iron, a pile of ironing to do, a Chinese fantasy and a neighbour whom he protects while looking for work.

Monsieur Papa is the story of the strange bond that will be formed between these three characters. A bond that will give them plenty of headaches and mark their lives.


Vincent Perez
Kad Merad
Michle Laroque ..... Marie Vallois
Francis Renaud
Judith El Zein .... Sonia
Patrick Bonnel
Arielle Moutel
Grgoire Ludig
Gaspard Meier