Abel Mexican Is A Actor

Original Title: Abel
Director: Diego Luna
Screenwriter: Augusto Mendoza
Producer: Pablo Cruz
Executive Producer: Gael García Bernal, John Malkovich, Russell Smith, Lianne Halfon
Production Designer: Brigitte Broch
Cinematographer: Patrick Murguia
Nationality: Mexico
Genre: Drama
Release Date :
Runtime :
Budget of $2.73 million
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Festival: Special Screenings at the Cannes Festival


Abel is a nine‐year‐old boy, the only male patient in a psychiatric ward for women in provincial Aguascalientes, Mexico for the past two years. He often experiences violent episodes and refuses to speak, though his doctors are unable to diagnose or treat his apparent mental illness.

Due to hospital rules, Abel must be transferred to a children’s hospital in Mexico City for permanent residency. A week before he is set to depart, his mother Cecilia convinces the hospital director, Doctor Monárrez, to let Abel stay with her for a week. If Abel behaves and Cecilia can handle his care during this time, he will be allowed to stay with his family. If not, he must go to the hospital in distant Mexico City.

Abel arrives home to be greeted by his siblings, Selene, 16, and Paul, 5. Abel is uncomfortable in his own home, and his brother and sister are equally wary of his presence, creating tension in the household.

One morning, out of the blue, Abel begins to speak. His mother is delighted and considers it a sign of improvement. However, rather than acting like a boy his own age, Abel starts to act like the man of the house – a husband to his mother and a father to his siblings.

Despite their confusion and irritation, Abel’s family tries their best to accept his actions and keep him happy. Selene makes peace with her brother’s assumed role by inviting him to participate in the Fathers’ Day celebration at Paul’s school. Abel and Paul grow closer during their daily homework sessions, and the two boys often play together. Things start to look up for the small family, as everyone begins to adjust to their new lifestyle.

Then, one morning, Abel wakes up to find a strange man sitting at the table. Anselmo, the children’s real father, has returned from working in the United States. Abel does not see to recognize him and becomes alarmed by the presence of a stranger in his house. Cecilia lies and tells Abel that Anselmo is her cousin. Abel is relieved by her explanation and begins to speak to his father as a peer.

Anselmo, however, is much more disturbed by Abel’s behavior. He decides to take matters into his own hands and drags Abel to the bathroom, where he forces his son to look in the mirror and recognize himself as a child. Abel panics as his confusion mounts and reality intrudes. Cecilia rushes into the bathroom, just in time to administer his medication. Beside herself, she kicks Anselmo out of the house.

Early the next morning, Abel takes Paul out of the house without telling Cecilia. Later that morning, Cecilia realizes her children are missing. Frantically, she, Anselmo, Doctor Monárrez, Selene, and Selene’s boyfriend head out to search for Abel and Paul.

Meanwhile, the boys arrive at the community pool. Once inside, Abel is determined to teach Paul how to swim. Paul follows his brother into the water despite his fears. As soon as they reach deeper water, both boys struggle to stay afloat.

In the car, Selene remembers Abel’s promise to Paul, and his mother reveals that Abel does not know how to swim either. When they arrive at the pool, they find both boys face down in the water. After several agonizing minutes, Paul and Abel are resuscitated. Cecilia, having come very close to losing both her sons, concedes that she must let Abel travel to Mexico City for treatment.


Christopher Ruz-Esparza ..... Abel
Gerardo Ruz-Esparza ..... Paul
Jos Mara Yazpik ..... Anselmo
Karina Gidi ..... Cecilia
Geraldine Alejandra ..... Selene