Superman Mexico


 Superman Mexico

Superman announced his arrival to Mexico City with an ingenious display of laser lights projected toward the facade of the tallest building in Latin America, the Torre Mayor in Reforma, where people could read "Do you know who's ready to come to Mexico?", and then, the characteristic "S" of Superman was shown.

Fourty animations softwares were used to create the "S" logo, which was exhibited two days from 20:30 hours to  23:00 on the Torre Mayor. This costed 350 thousand pesos.   (around 35,000 USD).

Subsequently, the cast of the film was seen at the Teatro Metropolitan in Mexico, during the red carpet and premiere of the film, in the presence of hundreds of fans that screamed as each celebrity walked down the red carpet.

The actors and cast of Superman Returns that visited Mexico were Kevin Spacey (Lex Luthor), Brandon Routh (Superman), Kate Bosworth (Luisa Lane) and the director Bryan Singer (director of "Xmen" and "XMen 2".  Fans

Celebrity guests included: Matthew Fox, (protagonist of the series Lost), the mexican presenter Alan Tacher, Arlette Pacheco, Barbara Mori, Annette Michel and Rodrigo Abed, Armando Araiza, Leonardo Garcia, the girls of Jeans, Reynaldo Rossano and Samia, ....  The good-looking host of the event was Rebeca de Alba. Orlando Bloom was not there to support his girlfriend Kate Bosworth, because he is in Paris presenting his film Pirates of the Caribean 2.

Superman Returns will premiere in Mexico July 14 in more than 750 movies, as well as in seven IMAX screens. 

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