Elizabeth Hurley


Elizabeth Hurley

Birthday: June 10, 1965

Place: Basingstoke, England

Model / Actress

Elizabeth had dance lessons since she was 12, then she got a scholarship to the London Studio Centre.

1987 After college, Hurley worked in the theater and made her screen debut in Aria

1989 She played several roles in Television, and a film Remando al viento, together with Hugh Grant.

1992 Her film debut in a Hollywood movie was in the action drama Passenger 57, directed by Wesley Snipes.

1994 Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant founded the Producing House Simian Films. 

November 2001: Liz Hurley 36, is pregnant with her first son, the father is the producer Stephen Bing

2002 Elizabeth was in trouble. Her former couple Stephen Bing insinuated that during their relation of 18 months, Liz Hurley had not been very faithful, Bing published a note saying that their relationship had not been exclusive and asked Hurley to get paternity test to make sure that Damian Charles, born April 4th, 2002 was actually his son.

Furious, Liz Hurley declared that she had really loved him, and that she had been faithful.

After months of speculation, thanks to a DNA evidence presented in a London Court, it was confirmed that Stephen Bing was in fact the father of Elizabeth Hurley’s baby, Damian Charles.

2005 Elizabeth is expecting her second child with her new boyfriend Arun Nayer