Elena Poniatowska


Elena Poniatowska

Elena Poniatowska is a journalist-novelist and great eminence of Mexican letters

She is doctora Honoris causa by the Universities of Sinaloa,  Toluca,  Columbia (New York) and  Florida in Miami

Full name: Héléne Elizabeth Louise Amelie Paula  Poniatowska Amor

Birthday: May 19, 1932

Elena Poniatowska was born in Paris

Her father, Jean Evremont Poniatowsky Sperry, was heir to the Polish throne

Her mother, Paulette (real name Dolores Amor), was a member of the old Mexican nobility, many of whom fled to Paris after the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution in 1910.

Her sister: Sofia (Kitzia)

Her brother: Jan

Her Children: Emmanuel, Felipe and Paula

1942 Elena returned to Mexico when World War II menaced the lives of European citizens. Elena learned Spanish from the servants.

She studied in France, the USA and Mexico.

1949 Elena was sent to a religious boarding school in the United States. 

1953 Back in Mexico, Elena began to work in the journal Excelsior and later in the Novedades., recording Mexico’s political and social changes in her essays and fictional works

1955 Publication of her first novel, Lilus Kikus and birth of Emmanuel, her first son who was sent to study in a boarding school in Switzerland. 

1968 she married Guillermo Haro. 

1971 She won the literary award Xavier Villaurrutia, but Elena rejected it. 

1979 Elena Poniatowska received the National Prize of Journalism

1992 Publication of "Finísima", a novel that delayed 10 years to be completed.

2001 Elena was awarded the international Alfaguara Prize 

2004 Elena Poniatowska received the Legion of Honor from the government of France.