Biography Of Eddie Albert


Eddie Albert

American Actor

His real name: Edward Albert Heimberger

Date of birth: 22 April 1906

Place of birth:  Illinois, USA

Date of death: 26 May 2005

Place of death: California, USA

His wife: Margo, a mexican actress and singer

His son: Edward Albert, actor

His daughter: Maria Albert Zucht

1926 Eddie Albert studied drama at the University of Minnesota

1935 He joined a mexican circus and worked as a circus trapeze flier.

1938 Eddie Albert made his film debut, and he also worked in radio, on some important chains such as RCA, with Grace Brandt.

1942 As part of the US Navy, Albert participated in the battle of Tarawa and received a Bronze Star for rescuing 70 Marines. 

1945 He got married to Margo

1956 One of his most important roles is that of the film Attack, of Robert Aldrich

1960 Eddie participated on Broadway’s show “The Music Man”

1970 Eddie Albert participated on the celebration on the first “Earth Day” on April 22nd.

2005 Eddie Albert died as a consequence of the Alzheimer’s disease, when he was 99 years old