Diego Luna Mexican Actor

Diego Luna
Actor, Producer, Director
Birth date: 29 - cember 1979,
Birth Place: Mexico , Distrito Fe - ral - Mexico

Diego Luna was introduced to worldwi - audiences with his starring role in the award-winning “Y Tu Mama Tambien,” alongsi - life-long friend Gael Garcia Bernal for director Alfonso Cuaron. 

Luna’s directorial - but, the documentary “Chavez” premiered at this year’s Tribecca Film Festival.  The film explores the life of legendary boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, whose rise from humble circumstances to thirty-seven world title fights mirrored the struggle of his people and allowed him to win the hearts of the world.  Chavez was created un - r the banner of Canana, the international film and television production company based in Mexico City that Luna foun - d with Bernal.  The company focuses on story-based projects of Latin American origin, with a worldwi - market perspective.  Canana’s main objective is not only to - velop projects that serve their needs as actors, but also to open doors to new talent and produce film and television projects with a contemporary vision.  Canana recently produced Luna’s film “El Bufalo - la Noche” (“The Night Buffalo”) and Bernal’s directorial - but, Canana’s “ - ficit” will premiere at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.

Luna will next star in the in - pen - nt feature films “Mister Lonely” for director Harmony Korine, and “Fa - to Black” alongsi - Danny Huston.

Beginning his professional acting career on stage at the age of seven and making his television - but at age twelve in “El Abuelo Y Yo,” Luna has appeared on stage in such theater productions as “ - Pelicula, La Tarea” (based on Jame Hurnberto Hermosillo’s movie of the same name), “Comedia Clandtina” and “El Cantaro Roto,” for which he accepted the 1996-1997 “Masculine Revelation Award” from the Association of Theatre Reviewers. Un - r the direction of Antonio Serrano (“Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas”), he performed Sabina Berman’s “Moliere.”  He produced “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” in Mexico for which he won the 2001-2002 “Best Comic Actor” award from the Association of Theatre Reviewers.  Luna most recently starred in “Festen” on stage in Mexico City.

Luna’s additional feature films inclu - “Before Night Falls” for director Julian Schnabel, Luis Estrada’s “Ambar”, Erwin Neumaier’s “Un Hilito - Sangre”, Gabriel Retes’ “Un Dulce Olor A Meute,” Marisa Sistach’s “El Cometa,” Fernando Sarinana’s “Todo El Po - r,” “Criminal” for Stephen So - rbergh and George Clooney’s Section Eight Productions, “The Terminal” for director Steven Spielberg, “Solo Dios Sabe” (“What God Knows,”) “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights,” “Open Range” alongsi - director and star Kevin Costner, “Frida” opposite Salma Hayek for director Julie Taymor, “Carambola,” “Fi - l” (for Showtime), “Ciuda - s Oscuras,” and “Soldados - Salamina” for director David Trueba.  Additionally, Luna has starred in a number of short films ma - by stu - nts at CUEC and CCC, including Javier Bourges’ “El Ultimo Fin - l Ano”, the Oscar-winning short film.

2010 His film Abel is in Special Screenings at the Cannes Festival

Milk - Gus Van Sant (2008)
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Fade to Black - Oliver Parker (2008)
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And Your Mother Too (Y tu mamá también) - Carlos Cuaron (2001)
Todos los aviones del mundo (2001)
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A Sweet Scent of Death (Un Dulce olor a muerte) - Gabriel Retes (1999)
The Comet (El Cometa) - Jose Buil (1999)
Perriférico - Paula Markovitch (1999)
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1,2,3 por mi - Luca Gaj (1997)
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A Trickle of Blood (Un Hilito - sangre) - Erwin Neumaier (1995)
The Last New Year (El Último fin - año) - Javier Bourges