English singer

Real name: Cloud De Bounevialle Armstrong

Date of birth: December 25th 1971

Place of birth:  London (England)

Her mother: a Poet

Her father: a Publisher

Her brother: Rollo

1977 Dido was accepted into the Guildhall School of Music in London.

1981 When she was only 10 years old she could play the piano, violin and recorder.

1987 She became enthralled with the music of jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and her brother's music collection.

1995 Dido sang with her brother Rollo and his group Faithless and she appeared on the groups five million selling debut album 'Reverence'.

1997 She met producer Clive Davis and she signed a contract with Arista Records and recorded her firs album 'No Angel'.

1999 Release of her album in USA with the single Thank You.

2000 Dido’s album was finally released in the United Kingdom.

2001 A special edition of 'No Angel' was released in January 2001 with enhanced videos of 'Here With Me' and 'Thank You'.

2002 In February,  Dido won Best British Female Solo Artist and Best British Album for 'No Angel' at the British Awards 2002.

2003 Dido released her single 'White Flag'. Three weeks later her second album 'Life For Rent' was released and entered the chart at number 1.

2004 Dido won Best British Female Solo Artist (for the second time) and Best British Single for 'White Flag' at the Brit Awards 2004.