Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle


Birthday: October 20, 1956

Place: Manchester, England

David Boyle attended the Thornliegh Salesian College in Bolton, Lancashire

Danny Boyle initiated in Theater, being part of the Company of Theater Join Stock. 

Danny Boyle fist performance on TV was on "BBC2", he produced and directed films. 

1995 He did a trilogy

2002 Danny Boyle returns with 28 days later, a zombie film about a psychological virus that overtakes England, turning ordinary people into zombies that to attack innocent people.

The budget of the film was around $10 million.

2004 Danny Boyle admitted that he regrets making his movie The beach. "I hate the countryside and nature, and I don't like hippies - I was a punk - and I found myself directing this film about hippies in a kind of paradise, a wonderland."