Danna Paola

Danna Paola

Mexican actress

Full name: Danna Paola Rivera Munguía

Birthday: June 23rd, 1995

Place: Mexico, D.F:

Her father: Juan José, Singer of the Group Ciclon

Sports: She likes swimming

Pets: dogs Toy, Rocky and Dixy. 

2000 Danna Paola acted in Sesame Street in Mexico. 

2001 Danna Paola starred the soap opera María Belen, this soap opera was sold in various countries of the world. Making her daytime debut as the leading star six-year old Danna Paola, auditioning with dozens of other kids who have also received acting and on-camera training at Televisa’s Centro de Enseñanza Artística Infantil (CEAI). Along with the Rabanitos Verdes, a child pop act, Danna Paola also recorded the soap’s theme song, an original composition written by Rubén Zepeda. Danna paola recorded her first cd, "Danna Paola" She received the award of el Heraldo.

She recorded her second album “Mi globo azul” and played a small role in the program “Hoy” and in “Familia Peluche” of Eugenio Derbez and in “La parodia” with Angélica Vale. 

2004 Danna Paola worked in her new soap opera, Amy la niña de la mochila Azul, with Mexican singer Tatiana.