Daniel Toscan Du Plantier

Daniel Toscan du Plantier

French actor and Producer

 He was born April 7, 1941

Place: Chambéry

Former wives: Marie Christine Barrault, Francesca Comencini, Sophie Bouniol.  He was also the companion of Isabella Rossellini, Isabelle Huppert and Ann-Gisel Glass

He died of a heart attack in Berlin, at the age of 61. 

Daniel Toscan du Plantier was the president of the Film Academy  and of the cinema academy of Toulouse as well as of UNIFRANCE. 

He was one of the founders of the festival of film of Marrakech. 

He was the ambassador and tireless artisan of  French movies, a lover of the seventh art and of  music.  (Pioneer of the movies he participated in operas such as Mr. Giovanni, Boris Godounov, Carmen, the Bohême, the Rough one, Parsifal). 

Daniel Toscan du Plantier travelled frequently throughout the world as the president of Unifrance, an agency responsible for the promotion of the French movies abroad.  He organized festivals in countries such as the United States, Japan and Mexico. 

1941 in Chambéry, Toscan du Plantier obtained a diploma of the Institute of Political Sciences and he later debuted in the publicity and directed for ten years the Régie Presse. 

1975 He became director of Gaumont.  He produced films such as "Cousin Cousine" (Jean-Chat Tacchella), "Mr. Giovanni" (Losey), "A nous amours", "Police", "Sous le soleil de Satan", “Van Gogh" of Pialat, "la cite des femmes" (Fellini). 

1980 He won a Palm d’Or for “Sous le Soleil de Satan” and worked with actors like Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Huppert, Marie-Christine Barrault

1983 He produced “Mr. Giovanni” in Monte Carlo

1985, Toscan du Plantier was named director of Erato Disques and of his subsidiary Euripide Productions. 

1996 Décembre: His 38 year old wife Sophie Bouniol Toscan was murdered in Ireland,  a hundred meters away from their house in Cork county, in tragic situations that have not been elucidated. 

1998 Daniel Toscan du Plantier married his assistant Melita Nicolitch

2003  February 11, Daniel Toscan du Plantier died as a consequence of a heart attack, while he was at the Berlin Film Festival.