Yolanda Christina Gigliotti

Birthday: January 17th, 1933

Place: Egyp, in the neighborhood of Choubrah

Died: May 3rd, 1987

Brothers:  Orlando and Bruno. 

Her father: Pietro, violinist. 

1954 Dalida was Miss Egypt

Dalida acted for the first time in the movies in the movie Sigarah wa kas

December 25 Dalida left Egyp towards Paris in the company of her family

1955 she recorded her first album, in Barclay records.  The album’s name was "Madonna". 

1956 She performed at the Olympia in Paris

1957 First reward: Bambino (300 000 copies sold)

1958 Dalida received the Oscar of Radio Monte-Carlo, for seven consecutive years. 

1961 she married her mentor Lucien Morisse in Paris., but the marriage lasted only a few months when she left him for the painter Jean Sobieski (later the father of American actress Leelee Sobieski . In December, she performed at the Olympia as main star, for the first time. 

1962 She bought her house of Montmartre

1966 Her brother Bruno became her manager. That same year, Dalida met a young author and composer, Luigi Tenco.  They felt in love.

1967 In the Festival of San Remo, Dalida and Luigi Tenco announced their future wedding, however, Luigi Tenco was very depressed because he did not win an award at the Festival, and he killed himself in his hotel room. Some months later, Dalida also tried to kill herself.

1968 Dalida received in Italy the award of the song: "Canzonissima"

1970 Lucien Morisse, her former husband, suicides. 

1973 Dalida recorded the adaptation of « Parole » with her friend Alain Delon.  This theme became number 1 of the hit parade of France and Japan

1974 Dalida made a world tour including Quebec and Germany

1975 Dalida received the award of the Academy of music in France

1981 Dalida sold 80 million disks around the world,  interpreted in seven languages during her career

1982 Dalida carried out a world tour that lasted a year

1983 July 20th She was living with Richard Chanfray (referred to as the Comte de St Germain) when he took his own life in Saint-Tropez

1987 Dalida killed herself with the aid of sleeping pills leaving behind a suicide note that said: "Life has become unbearable ... forgive me."

Dalida is buried in the Cimetière de Montmartre, Paris, her gilded life-size statue one of the most outstanding of the many sculpted works in the famous cemetery.

1997, the angle of the rues Girardon and Abreuvoir in the Butte Montmartre in Paris was inaugurated as "Place Dalida" and is where a life-size bust was erected to her memory.

2001, the French government honored her memory with her image on a postage stamp.