Biography Of Dakota Fanning


Dakota Fanning

American Actress

Date of birth: February 23rd, 1994

Place of birth:  Georgia, USA

Her parents: Steve and Joy Fanning

Her sister: Mary Elle Fanning (actress)

Dakota’s parents decided to travel to Los Angeles, and Dakota was chosen for a TV commercial after an audition . Then they moved to Los Angeles Permanently.

2001 Dakota acted in the film Tomcats, and then she played the role of Clairee in the film Father Xmas.

2002 She starred in the film I am Sam, with Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer.  She was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award, for her supporting performance in I Am Sam

2002 Dakota Fanning acted with Charlize Theron in the film Trapped, and also in the film Taken, directed by Steven Spielberg.

2003 Dakota acted with Brittany Murphy in the film Uptown Girls and in Cat in the Hat, with Mike Myers.

2004 Dakota appeared in the film Man on Fire, with Denzel Washington

2005 She played the role of Maria in the film Nine Lives, and then she acted with Robert DeNiro in Hide and Seek. Her most important film has been War of the Worlds, with Tom Cruise. Dakota traveled to Mexico, Japan and England.

She doubled the voice of Lilo in the second part of the film Lilo and Stitch.

2006 Dakota Fanning’s next film is Charlotte’s Web.