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Send an e-mail with at least 6 pictures.

Biosstars is an intermediary between professionals and model agencies, and our models and actors. Biosstars does not give its members any personal, porn, or non professional emails.

In order to be part of Biosstars International group of models you have to send AT LEAST 6 pictures as well as a description (age, eye color, hair, experience and country of residence).

Videos are also accepted together with pictures.

For singers, please send a sound file.

Minors should send a copy of parental authorisation together with a copy of their official card in order to be part of our Castings.

Biosstars is not responsible of any negative use or misleading information of pictures we receive.


Pictures taken with a cellphone or webcam

Pictures that are too little or where the subject is too small in comparison with the rest of the picture

Pictures where you are not alone

If you have your own presentation video, feel free to add it directly in our video webpage www.cine-trailer.com