Chito Rock Biography

In the street of New York, a rising star is born “Chitorock”. The journey be-gan with a microphone that has led to the studio and stage.

They say that “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”; but that’s too easy. Chitorock studied various Latino artists, includ-ing one of his favorite singer’s “Arania Camilo” to create his own indelible style, which can’t be removed or washed away or dissolved by imitators. “Why?” because it is his heart and his soul, his music.

With this dedication to perfection, Chitorock has per-formed on Latin Television performing cover songs from artists he respects Ray P. now known as Chi-torock has now stepped into the music scene. As music demands full time participation Chitorock spends numerous hours each day in the studio, where he develops new sounds from the streets of NYC. His first performance at the Domini-can Festival in Washington Heights in NYC took the crowd by storm. You should have been there!

The crowd repeated the chorus again and again after hearing it for the first time and dancing their pants off until his per-formance was over. Not only did he performed in clubs and festivals but also he competed in contest to per-fect his stage show. His big-gest contest was the Cuervaton ( A Jose Cuervo contest). He landed 2nd place in all New York City and it gave him recognition as one of New York’s upcoming Latin artist. He performed at Life Beat and other non-profit benefits to give back to the community he loves. Chitorock has been featured in magazines like Urban La-tino and The Connection Magazine.

The first single hit the street in a mix tape called “Fair Warning”.
It featured his first song called “Te Voy A seducir” featuring Rob Spencer from Caliber Enter-tainment. The single was a smash hit with Hip/Hop Reggaeton style. As a new artist he was given the opportunity to become the opening act for many artists like Hector “El Father”, Tego Calderon, Nina Sky, Zion y Lennox, Don Omar and many others. They all got the oppor-tunity to see Chitorock’s talents on stage. When asked to describe him-self, he responded, “I’m the voice of the underground and I will bring a unique style to this game, and to conclude I don’t think there is anybody out there doing it the way I’m doing it.”