Cdric Klapisch

Cédric Klapisch
French director and filmmaker

Date of birth: September 14th, 1961
Place of birth: France

With Bruno Lévy, he owns a production company: Ce qui me meut

Cédric Klapisch studied in Paris III and has a filmic degree from the School of Paris VIII, Saint Denis.

1982 He tried three times before being accepted at the IDHEC.

1984 Cédric moved to New York and studied cinema at the New York University. That same year he directed One, Two Three Mambo.

1989 He directed his short film Ce qui me Meut, in France

1992 Cédric Klapisch directed his first long film: Rien du Tout.

1993 With Romain Duris, one of his favourite actors,  Cédric directed a
television film:  Les années Lycée, that was very successful.

1996 He directed his film Un Air de Famille, and then Chacun Cherche son Chat, also with Romain Duris,

1999 He directed the film Peut etre, with important actors such as Jean-Paul Belmondo, Romain Duris, and Géraldine Pailhas

2001 Cédric Klapisch directed one of his most important films,  L'auberge
espagnole,  with Audrey Tatou.

2003 He presented his film Ni pour, ni Contre, with actors Marie Gillain and Vincent Elbaz

2005 One month before the release of his film Les Poupées Russes (considered to be the second part of L'auberge Espagnole) Cedric Klapisch was in Cannes at the 58th Cannes Film Festival.