Catherine Deneuve


Catherine Deneuve

Real name: Catherine Dorleac

Birthday: October 22nd,  1943

Place: Paris, France

Her father: Maurice Dorléac debuted in movies and theater in 1938

Her mother: Renée born in Deneuve, Odéon

(She was a comedian.) 

Her sister: Françoise Dorléac, model of Dior, did theater

She died tragically in an automobile accident in the highway toward St Tropez (cote d' azure) in 1967, leaving a son of 18 months. 

Another sister: Sylvie

At age 13, Catherine first appeared in films, thanks to Roger Vadim

June 18th, 1963, birth of Christian, son of Roger Vadim and Catherine Deneuve

She was married  to David Bailey from 1965 to 1972

1971 Catherine met Marcello Mastroïanni

Their daughter Chiara Mastroïanni is born May 28th, 1972

1975 She ends her love relationship with Marcello Mastroïanni

1986 official image of Marianne (French symbol)

1995 Deneuve is considered in San Sebastian to be one of the 100 sexiest stars of the century

1997 The city of Moscu considers Deneuve to be one of the greater stars of the movies

2003 The salary of Catherine Deneuve for the year 2002 was around 1,15 millions of euro (without considering television and theater). 

Source: Figaro Entreprises