Carmen Maura



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Carmen Maura

She began in one of the most difficult areas, the one where you learn most, café theatre. Her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe was one of the milestones in this sub-genre in the 70s. At the end of the 70s and the start of the 80s, she became the queen of what was known as Madrid comedy, working with Colomo, Trueba and Almodóvar.

She and Pedro Almodóvar shared the most important moments of their careers in the 80s (“Pepi, Luci, Bom”, “Dark Habits”, “What Have I Don’t to Deserve This?!”, “Matador” and “Law of Desire”). It culminated with the international success of “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” (for which she won, among others, the Goya, the Ciak, the Fotogramas de Plata and the European Film Award for Best Actress). With a career that spans over thirty years, it is impossible to summarize the national and international productions, in cinema, theatre and television, in which Carmen has participated, or the awards she has won.

We would mention “Ay, Carmela” (Carlos Saura) with which she won both the Goya and the European Film Academy’s Award for Best Actress, and “La comunidad” (Alex de la Iglesia) for which she won, among others, the Silver Concha (San Sebastian Film Festival) and the Goya for Best Actress. Recently she finished shooting “Nos chères têtes blondes” in France, with director Charlotte Silvera.

Filmography Cinema - TV


2007 Círculo rojo ( TV Series) of Juanma R. Pachón

2006 El Menor de los males of Antonio Hernández

2006 Nos chères têtes blondes of Charlotte Silvera

2006 Mentir un peu (TV) of Agnès Obadia

2006 Volver (To Return) of Pedro Almodóvar

2005 Free Zone  of Amos Gitai

2005 Reinasnde Manuel Gómez Pereira

2004 Entre vivir y soñar de Alfonso Albacete, David Menkes

2004 La Promesa de Héctor Carré

2003 25 degrés en hiver de Stéphane Vuillet

2003 Le Pacte du silence de Graham Guit



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