Cameron Diaz


Cameron M. Diaz

Born: August 30th, 1972

Place: Long Beach,California

Height 1m75

Eyes: blue

Father: Emilio Diaz, Cuban American,

Mother: British-German

Former boyfriends: Matt Dillon, Jared Leto

At the age of 16 Cameron left the family house and traveled to Japan, Mexico, Australia, Morocco and Paris, she was a model during 5 years.

1994 without having any experience, she acted in the movie " The Mask " of Charles Russel, it was the beginning of her success with the public

2002 Cameron Diaz appears in the list of the 50 most beautiful people of the planet, according to People magazine.

2004 June.  The underwear of Cameron Diaz is under custody! 

Panic during the filming of "In her Shoes" when Cameron Diaz realiZeta that three of her small panties had disappeared. They had been stolen by a technician of the filming who was slightly disturbed.  Security measures have been taken to avoid that such kind of incident is repeated: the producers of the movie has hired two guards that are responsible 24 hours a day of taking care of Cameron’s underwear.