Calista Flockhart


Calista Kay Flockhart

Calista was the name of her great-grandmother

Birthday: November 11, 1964

Place: Freeport.Illinois

Children: Liam (adopted)

Her mother: Kay

Her father: employee of Kraft Foods Inc

She carried out her studies in the University Rutgers in New Jersey, to study Art.  After College she worked in the local theater of Cleveland. 

Calista Flockhart is very popular in the television, thanks to the series "Ally McBeal", nevertheless she was not interested on TV before acting in Ally McBeal

2004 Calista Flockhart brought a smile to the face of a young Islander who celebrated his birthday by filming scenes in the horror film Fragile, which has just finished filming on the Island.

Max, of the Broadway, Sandown, had his own trailer for the day and was presented with an eyeball toy by his co-star when she learned it was his birthday. Max is only seven, he faces the prospect of not being able to see the film in full when it is finally released.

"It is a horror film, so when it comes out we might have to just watch his scenes on DVD with the sound down and the lights on," said Mrs Batista