Charlton Heston

Filmography Cinema

2005 Genghis Khan of Ken Annakin

2003 My Father, Rua Alguem 5555 of Egidio Eronico

2001 The Order of . Sheldon Lettich

2001 Town & Country of Peter Chelsom

1999 Any Given Sunday of Oliver Stone

1999 Gideon of Claudia Hoover

1996 Hamlet of Kenneth Branagh

1996 Alaska of Fraser Clarke Heston

1994 True Lies of James Cameron

1993 In the Mouth of Madness John Carpenter

1993 Tombstone of George P. Cosmatos

1993 Wayne's World 2 of Stephen Surjik

1990 Solar Crisis of Richard C. Sarafian, Alan Smithee

1982 Mother Lode of Charlton Heston

1980 The Awakening of Mike Newell

1980 The Mountain Men of Richard Lang

1978 Gray Lady Down of David Greene

1977 Crossed Swords of Richard Fleischer

1976 Two-Minute Warning of Larry Peerce

1976 Midway of Jack Smight

1976 The Last Hard Men of Andrew V. McLaglen

1974 The Four Musketeers of Richard Lester

1974 Earthquake of Mark Robson

1974 Airport 1975 of Jack Smight

1973 The Three Musketeers of Richard Lester

1973 Soylent Green of Richard Fleischer

1972 Call of the Wild of Ken Annakin

1972 Skyjacked of John Guillermin

1972 The Special London Bridge Special of David Winters

1972 Antony and Cleopatra of Charlton Heston

1971 The Omega Man of . Boris Sagal

1970 The Hawaiians of Tom Gries

1970 Beneath the Planet of the Apes of Ted Post

1970 Julius Caesar of Stuart Burge

1969 Number One of Tom Gries

1968 Will Penny of Tom Gries

1968 Planet of the Apes of Franklin J. Schaffner

1968 Counterpoint of Ralph Nelson

1967 Maugli of Roman Davidov

1966 Khartoum of . Basil Dearden Eliot Elisofon

1965 The War Lord of Franklin J. Schaffner

1965 The Agony and the Ecstasy of Carol Reed

1965 Major Dundee of Sam Peckinpah

1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told of George Stevens

1963 55 Days at Peking of Nicholas Ray

1963 Diamond Head of Guy Green

1961 El Cid of Anthony Mann

1959 Ben-Hur of William Wyler

1959 The Wreck of the Mary Deare of Michael Anderson

1958 The Buccaneer of Anthony Quinn

1958 The Big Country of William Wyler

1957 hree Violent People of Rudolph Maté

1956 The Ten Commandments of Cecil B. DeMille

1955 Lucy Gallant of Robert Parrish

1955 The Private War of Major Benson of Jerry Hopper

1955 The Far Horizons of Rudolph Maté

1954 Secret of the Incas of Jerry Hopper

1954 The Naked Jungle of Byron Haskin

1953 Pony Express of Jerry Hopper

1953 The President's Lady of Henry Levin

1952 Ruby Gentry of King Vidor

1952 The Savage of George Marshall

1952 The Greatest Show on Earth of Cecil B. DeMille

1950 Dark City of William Dieterle

1950 Julius Caesar of  David Bradley

1941 Peer Gynt of David Bradley

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