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Cartier is honoured to host the first ever international Concours D'Elegance in India

The Cartier Travel With Style Concours will showcase this extraordinary collection of India's unique Classic Cars over the weekend of the 31st October/2nd November 2008 at the Royal Western India Truf Club, Mumbai.

Owned by Indian royalty and private collectors, these magnificent automobiles have never been displayed on the international stage, in fact, many have not even been exhibited in India before. During the time of the Raj, India's opulent ruling families bought the finest cars in the world in unbelievable quantity and the greatest coach builders and designers were specially commissioned to produce lavish, distinctive and sometimes bizarre specifications to satisfy the whims, taste and eccentricities of their fabulously rich clients.

The Cartier Travel with Style Concours will consist of 4 categories: Vintage Classics, Post-war Classics, Exotic Cars and Roadsters and, of course, 'The Best Car of the Show Award'.

All the cars have been personally selected by Manvendra Smgh Batwarn, India's most respected and experienced Classic car expert. The event was conceived and orchestrated by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall's brother, conservationist and travel writer, Mark Shand.

Picture Gallery: Jackie Shroff - Yasmin Le Bon - Shahrukh Khan