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Benjamin Geza Affleck
Actor, producer
Birthday: August 15, 1972
Place: Berkeley, California
His father: Tim Affleck, a worker that divorced Ben’w mother short after he was born.  He has a smaller brother, the actor Casey Affleck born in 1975.
Former girlfriend: Jennifer Lopez

The first apparition of of Ben Affleck in movies was during the publicity of some hamburgers, and later in the miniseries travel of PBS.  Ben Affleck met Matt Damon who became his friend, later Ben abandoned school in order to become an actor.

In 1977 he wrote along with Matt Damon the setting of Good will hunting.

1998 Ben Affleck appeared in the first plan of the publicity for the movie Shakespeare in Love of John Madden, he won an Oscar Award for “Good will hunting”, as well as a Golden globe to the best screenplay.

2000 Ben Affleck founded with Matt Damon, Chris Moore and Be Bailey the company LivePlanet, Inc., which first production: “Project Greenlight”, gives sample of the works of the filmmakers. Affleck and Bailey have also conceived a project for television “Push, Snowed”, and “Project Greenlight 2″, in which they have worked with young screenwriters and directors

2001 Ben Affleck starred “Pearl Harbou” playing the role of a professional technician of data processing

2003 Ben Affleck interpreted a blind super hero in the film Daredevil of Mark Steven Johnson.

2004 In the movie “Surviving Christmas” Ben Affleck interpreted “Drew Lathem”, with the director Mike Mitchell.

Ben Affleck, 31  and Jennifer Lopez , 34, split apart.  Affleck has been seen alone in Europe and in the film Festival of Sundance, and JLo has been seen strolling with her former couple, the rapper Puff Daddy.

June.  Surprisingly and few days after ending her relation with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez got married in Beverly Hills in a secret ceremony with the singer Marc Anthony, also Puerto Rican, who had himself just recently been divorced. The New York times published today that the wedding was planned after JLo discovered that she is pregnant with Marc Anthony’s baby.


2013 Runner, Runner by Brad Furman
2012 Argo by Ben Affleck
2010 The Town de Ben Affleck
2009 Extract by Mike Judge
2009State of Play by Kevin Macdonald (2009)
2009 He’s Just Not That Into You by Ken Kwapis
2007 Smokin’ Aces
2007 Gone, Baby Gone (Dirección)
2006 Clercks 2
2006 Hollywoodland - Allen Coulter
2006 Clerks II - Kevin Smith
2006 Man About Town – Mike Binder
2004 Surviving Christmas – Mike Mitchell
2004 Jersey Girl - Kevin Smith
2003 Paycheck
2003 Surviving Christmas
2003 Gigli
2003 Daredevil de Mark Steven Johnson
2002 The Third Wheel
2002 Changing Lanes
2002 The Sum Of All Fears
2001 Daddy and Them
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2001 Pearl Harbor
2000 Reindeer Games
2000 Bounce
2000 Boiler Room de Ben Younger
1999 Dogma - Kevin Smith
1999 200 Cigarettes – Risa Bramon Garcia
1999 Forces Of Nature – Bronwen Hughes
1998 Shakespeare in Love – John Madden
1998 Armageddon – Michael Bay
1998 Phantom – Joe Chappelle
1997 Good Will Hunting – Gus Van Sant
1997 Office Killer – Cindy Sherman
1997 Chasing Amy - Kevin Smith
1997 Going All the Way – Mark Pellington
1996 Glory Daze de Rich Wilkes
1995 Mallrats - Kevin Smith
1993 Dazed and Confused – Richard Linklater
1992 School Ties – Robert Mandel
1981 The Dark End of the Street – Jan Egleson


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