Bruno Ganz

Bruno Ganz
Born: March 21st,  1941
Place: Zürich

Bruno Ganz is one of the most famous German actors of the world.  After studying Dramatic Art in the Bühnenstudio of Zurich, he travelled to Germany in 1962 where he worked in theater under the direction of Peter Zadek and Kurt Hübner. 

In 1967, Bruno met the director Peter Stein and participated in the creation of the Berliner Schaubühne, considered as one of the most important companies of European theater. 

1972, he got the leading part of "L' Ignorant et le Fou" of Thomas Bernhard in the Festival of Salzburg, under the direction of Claus Peymann. 

In 1973, he received the award of Best Actor of the year .  After that, Bruno worked under the direction of prestigious directors such as Peter Stein, Klaus, Michael Grüber, Luc Bondy et Dieter Dorn, Bruno Ganz obtained the Reinhardt Ring of the Swiss Association of Theatrical Culture in 1991.  He also won the Iffland Ring in 1996, one of the most coveted distinctions that theater actors may receive.  Since 1975, Bruno Ganz abandoned theater and started making movies. 

Among the almost sixty films in which he has acted, the most importants are THE MARQUISE D' OR of Eric Rohmer (1976), L' AMI AMERICAIN (1977) of Wim Wenders, THE FEMME GAUCHERE (1978) of Peter Handke, HIM COUTEAU DANS THE TETE (1978) of Reinhard Hauff, NOSFERATU (1979) of Werner Herzog, HIM FAUSSAIRE (1980) of Volker Schlöndorff, DANS THE VILLE BLANCHE (1983) of Alain Tanner, THEM AILES DU DESIR (1987) of Wim Wenders, etJOUR (1998) of Theo Angelopoulos, Palm of Gold in Cannes. 

Bruno Ganz also participated in the generic film PAIN, TULIPES ET COMEDIE (2000) of Silvio Soldini, and won the Award Donatello in Italy, and the prize to the best actor in Switzerland after EPSTEINS NACHT (2001) of Urs Egger and LUTHER (2002) of Eric Till, Bruno Ganz participated in a movie on Hitler called DER UNTERGANG. 

2009 Le Liseur de Stephen Daldry Rohl
2009 The Dust of Time de Théo Angelopoulos
2008 Luther de Eric Till
2008 La Bande à Baader de Uli Edel
2008 Vitus, l'enfant prodige de Fredi M. Murer
2007 L'Homme sans âge de Francis Ford Coppola (2007)
2004 Der Untergang de Oliver Hirschbiegel
2004 The Manchurian Candidate de Jonathan De
2003 Luther de Eric Till
2002 Epsteins Nacht de Urs Egger
2002 Forza del passato de Piergiorgio Gay
2002 Pane e tulipani de Silvio Soldini
2000 WerAngstWolf de Clemens Klopfenstein
1998 Mia aioniotita kai mia mera de Theo Angelopoulos
1996 Saint-Ex de Anand Tucker
1995 Diario senza date
1994 Heller Tag de Andre Nitzschk
1993 Brandnacht de Markus Fischer
1993 In weiter Ferne, so nah! de Wim Wenders
1993 l'Absence de Peter Handke
1992 The Last Days of Chez Nous de Gillian Armstrong