Bruce Willis


Bruce Willis


Name: Walter Bruce Willis

Born:  March 19, 1955

Place: Oberstein, Germany

He studied Dramatic Art

His mother: Marlene, german origins

Three daughters, Rummer-Glenn, Scout-Larue and Tallulah-Belle

Bruce Willis grew mainly in PennsGrove, he later went to New York to become an actor.  In a bar in which he worked as a bartender, a director told him that he appreciated his personality and that he needed an actor for a small role in a movie. 

1985 Bruce Willis became famous in the series "Moonlight" that lasted four years

1987 21 of November Bruce Willis got married with Demi Moore

1998 Bruce Willis and Demi Moore  are separated after 11 years of marriage the act was signed in October 18, 2000

2000 Bruce Willis opened his producing company, Cheyenne Enterprises

2004 Bruce Willis filed a negligence lawsuit against a major Hollywood studio, saying that he was injured in October 2002 while filming "Tears of the Sun," a Revolution Studios production co-starring Monica Bellucci.