Britney Spears


Britney Jean Spears

Birthday:December 02, 1981

Place: Kentwood

She started working in the show «The club of Mickey Mouse» In the Disney Channel in Atlanta at age 8

2001: April, bad news for her fans!  Britney will quit her career in order to be consecrated to that of her boyfriend.  The private life of these lovers is in danger when Justin Timberlake decides to make a solo career.

2002 January Spears is presented in the ceremony of  the NRJ Music Awards, almost naked.

Britney films commercial for Pepsi and subsequently carries out more commercials for this same firm during the football World cup.

March 12 Britney Spears is destroyed by the press after her “terrible” performance in her  movie « Crossroads » (Friends Forever).

2003 Britney Spears fans are surprised when she decided to kiss Madonna during their performance in the MTV music Awards.

2004 Britney Spears’ new scandal: she got married in Las Vegas with herformer school friend Jason Alexander, and divorced shortly after.

2004, December. It's a tie between Britney Spears and Paris Hilton for Star magazine's title of most annoying person of 2004. Spears got the nod for doing everything but singing and dancing, including getting married twice, first with Jason Alexander, and then with her dancer Kevin Federline.

December, Britney Spears smelly feet upset the passengers of the airplane flying from Los Angeles to New York. When the singer decided to remove her shoes in order to be more comfortable, the passengers started to complain about the “toxic” smell, and the flight attendant had to ask her to put on her shoes again.