Brenda Strong


Brenda Strong

American Actress

Date of birth: 25 March 1960

Place of birth:  Oregon, USA

Her husband: Tom Henri

She owns a Yoga studio in Los Angeles.

Brenda Srong was born in Oregon where she attended Sandy High School, then she moved to Arizona where she attended Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Music in musical theatre, and later she moved to Los Angeles to become an actress.

1980 She was Miss Arizona

1996 Brenda Strong was on 7th Heaven

1998 Brenda played a psychologist in the film Get a Job. On TV she appeared on Dawson’s Creek with Katie Holmes

1999 Brenda Strong has appeared as guest star on C.S.I., Seinfeld  and Everwood.

On the movies, she has acted with Tom Arnold in The Kid and I. She has also acted in the Work and the Glory and has shared credits with Treat Williams and Michelle Pfeiffer in Starship Troopers 2, The Deep End of the Ocean.

2000 Brenda became a certified yoga instructor. Brenda teaches yoga in Santa Monica, California. She acted in Terror Tract

2004 She playes the role of  “Alice”, a woman that commits suicide after kidnapping a child in “Desperates Hosewives”

2005 Brenda Strong travels to Monte-Carlo as part of the cast of Desperate Housewives at the Montecarlo TV Festival.